Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Many thanks...

"No one has ever thanked their in-laws on public television. I had friends coming up to me, in the middle of the ceremony after my speech saying, 'You realize you ruined it for all of us.'"
SAG Award winner Julianna Margulies, who thanked her husband's parents for producing "a superior person" during her acceptance speech, on Ellen

So, the long story short is that Julianna Marguilies told her in-laws how thankful she was that they played a major role in making a great son for her to marry.  This made me giggle.  While it is quite nice to say these thoughts, and moreover sharing it with the national viewing audience, it really is a sentiment we all feel.  Right? 

I mean, who wants to say of all the a-okay guys, I chose the least superior.  I met this guy that was -meh, a-okay, nothing special, really quite ordinary- and I chose him.  I want to marry him, promise to be his partner for life, and maybe even make a family with him. 

Noooo!  None of us thought that, did we?  No.  We thought we had chosen the most superior person for us.  Just thought I'd share the little chuckle I got when I saw this. 

By the way, many thanks to my in-laws for creating a "far superior" person for me to choose!

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