Monday, February 14, 2011

It All Just Feels Good

This mommy is happy today!  There are so many things going well, that it is hard not to smile.  Here's my list of blessings and thing I am beyond thankful for...

The Sunny Weather ~ Oh, how happy I am to see the sun shining brightly outside today.  I heard it is supposed to get warmer each day this week.  Pure bliss for me and my boys.

Valentine's Day and School Parties ~ My older two boys went to school today loaded down with bags.  We didn't have a full day of school at all last week, so I felt like maybe today was the first day of school.  The boys completed their cards, boxes, picked out presents for the teachers, and we sent in goodies for their parties.  It just feels good to help out and be organized...I know the boys feel good about it too!

Our playground ~ Since moving here, we have been talking with the boys about getting a playground.  Whew!  Those things are expensive and each one has tons of bells and whistles to examine.  But, we have decided to shop around as a family to find the perfect fit.  I think the boys are really excited about looking around for their new toy.  Hopefully, we can teach them about money management along the way!

Our New Year's Resolutions ~ I am a HUGE fan of good food.  I love to munch my way through the day.  After four babies, I have gone a little soft around the middle.  So, the hubs and I decided (for one of our NYE resolutions) to cut out all things white in our diet until bathing suit season comes around again.  This means no sugars and starches.  Basically, we don't eat anything that has over 5 grams of carbs in it. you know how much this eliminates?  We do, and we feel great about it!!  I'm not just saying that to try to stay positive.  Really, I love it.  I feel great because most things that go into my body these days is grown and not processed.  This, my friends, has been much easier than keeping my nose out of other people's business...definitely still working hard to stick with that one!

So, as Mr. Rogers used to say...It's a great day in the neighborhood!  We are feeling good today and can't wait to get a piece of this day to call our own!

Hope your day is great too...tell me about all the blessings you have going on in your own corner of the world :)

Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight...
~Hazelmarie ‘Mattie’ Elliott,
A Breath of Heaven

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