Monday, January 31, 2011

Shut It, Crazy Lady!

Zip it!!  Shhhhhhh!!  Hush!!

Okay, dear readers...My name is The Rat's Nest and I have a problem. 
I can't keep my mouth shut. 

I mean, I love, really love to tell other people what I think is best for them.  I love with a capital L-O-V-E to tell my friends, and even strangers, what they should do next in their personal journey of life.  I will step up to friends and strangers alike (I don't discriminate in my craziness) and offer guidance even when it has not been sought.  It doesn't seem to faze me that no one asked about my opinion.

Case in point, Saturdays are all basketball, all morning for the older two Curlee Hairs.  Either The Committee or I will take the boys to their games.  We have to divide and conquer, so one of us stays home with Wild Hair and Tiny because they totally get lost in the shuffle among all of the basketball players and families. 

Last Saturday, it was my turn to deliver the boys to basketball (much to Straight Hair's chagrin...he felt I was very unworthy to be at the games, practice maybe, but games should be reserved for The Committee only).
Back on track, sorry.  Well, I met a new mother of one of Straight Hair's team members this day.  She was very sweet and totally unsuspecting of what was to come.  She has just moved to the area in the last month and had some questions.  Oh, wow!!  These new friends are my favorites.  She sought me out, so certainly she must need me to lead her along the way.  No, this isn't the case at all, is it??  In the middle of our conversation, I heard myself say, with great glee, "Oh, I'm going to get your whole life planned out."  Who says this??  Me, that's who.  I offered her so many different ideas on where to meet people, etc.  She kindly wrote down my phone number surely never to call, eh? 

Why?  Why can't I just have a normal conversation without trying to solve everyone else's problems?  I know it is annoying, yet I can't stop myself.  Before I go out with all of my girlfriends or a couples' dinner with the Committee, I have to have 'a talk' with myself about the importance of keeping my mouth shut.  This seems a bit abnormal.  Maybe there are others out there that could join me at my next meeting of Talkers Anonymous.  If so, please tell me! 

One of my New Year's resolutions is to let others run their home as they would like, while I focus only upon my house.  But, it is soooooo hard for me!!  I can't help but run my mouth and 'fix' everything for others. 

I. have. to. stop! 

I could go on and on forever with examples.  There are so many quotes and Bible verses dedicated to this very issue.  But, I will share just one.  I will try (very hard) to stick to my resolution and live according to these words each day.  Really, I will!

If you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in it. 
~Austin O'Malley

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Jennifer Stanford said...

..but that's what I liked about you first! : )