Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sweetness is in the Middle

After almost 8 days of snow breaks from school, the boys are very used to snow.  We have seen fresh snow, melting snow, and even yucky gray snow on the side of the road.  But one afternoon last week, the Curlee Hairs all got out of school early for yet another patch of winter weather.  We were at home enjoying all things warm, when a snow shower quickly started outside our window. 

I've never seen the boys get so excited so quickly.  They were spellbound.  This struck me so strangely.  You see, snow isn't something that is new to them this year.  It's old news.  The thrill is long, long gone.  But, they were still so pleased.  Then it hit me, the thrill is in the process.  Most of our snow days have been the result of a late night snow shower.  I'm pretty sure they haven't seen the snow really come down all winter.

“Wherever you are, be all there.” Jim Elliot
“May you live all the days of your life.” Johnathon Swift

I started to reflect on how the joy isn't really in the conclusion, but yet, we find true satisfaction in the evolution of an event.  For example, would a mama's love be as strong if it weren't for a long gestational period?  Isn't a new home much more delightful after it has been sought out over time?  A lovely beach vacation is even more magical when we have spent some time planning and researching the perfect location.  The sweetness is most definitely in the middle of the process, and the outcome more treasured because of the loving attention.  It is in the living that we find our bliss.

As the boys watched the snow fall, their excitement grew because of what was to school, building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, daddy working from home, and spending endless hours playing the wii in our cozy den.  They were able to see the process and each moment was true glee.

So, as I go about my day, I think of other examples of how I have overlooked finding the joy in the small moments that will join together to form the big picture.  I get so wrapped up in making the big picture a masterpiece, that I quickly forget it is the simple strokes that define the beauty and the contrast.  The masterpiece is completed over time with effort from the artist.  It is in the effort where the picture takes shape, changes direction, and is transformed from a blank canvas to a work of art that we find true love grow.  

That's where life is lived...we move from a blank canvas to a work of art somewhere amongst the strokes

Our life is made beautiful in the difference of the strokes.  The colors both bright and bold wash over a clean, white sheet to change the composition.  We find the contrast in the daily ups and downs.  The sweetness can be found in the middle of the process.  The glory can be given once we have completed each bit with care and attention to what is good.  It is this process that is given to us each day to savor and mold to make our life into a masterpiece.   

So be truly glad.
There is wonderful joy ahead,
even though you have to endure many trials for a little while.
~I Peter 1:6

{Can you remember watching Bob Ross create his happy little trees stroke by stroke on his blank canvases?}


Julie Watson said...

Wow! What a talent you have, Morgan. Shannon told me to check out your blog the other night. I've only read a few posts, but you are one AMAZING writer!!! Keep it up :) I'll be reading!!

Jennifer Stanford said...

Well said. Thanks for the reminder!