Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank God for Gun Malfunctions

I'm really trying to rectify the atrocious assassinations that occurred in Arizona last weekend.  In the midst of reading all of the news about the events, one thing that keeps coming back to me is...thank you God for gun malfunctions.  Apparently, after round one of shooting, this wild man tried to reload and was momentarily sidetracked because of a gun malfunction.  In the meantime, he was taken down and held until authorities could make it to the scene. 

As horrible as this shooting was, even more people could have been killed had he been able to shoot the next 31 bullets without fail.  I've read the viewpoints from the left and right sides.  I'm trying not to listen to either.  I think in this time it would be much more prudent just to pray for those that died, those that were hurt, and for the future of our country.

I'm the last person that should ever talk about guns, because of ignorance of the facts, but I'm just not sure why a civilian would have a need for semi-automatic weapons or a magazine of ammunition that could shoot 31 bullets in rapid fire?  There only seems to be one scenario where this type of gun would be necessary, and to me that scenario is horrific.

Again, I am by no means an authority about any of this, so I'll just stick to what I do feel comfortable with...praying.  Praying for the good and the bad.  Praying for the hurt and the unhurt.  Praying for the left and the right.  Praying for our country and our world.  Praying for you and for me.

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