Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding Our Home ~ Part II

We have looked all around.  We have visited once and sometimes more than once.  The churches have all seemed very nice and welcoming.  But, we haven't found the exact "fit" just yet.  But, I'm done.

I'm tired of analyzing.  I am weary of looking in the shadows for something that might or might not work for our family.  I have heard different viewpoints.  I've listened to the happy stories of others about how they have found their home.  I'm done.

I've decided that our church may not be just one place out there.  In fact, it might be many places.  It's like an old patchwork quilt.  Our spiritual inspiration will be comprised of different locations, just as an old quilt is made of many different pieces.  Where we find solace, will be an interweaving of all sorts of places.  So, this is what will have to work for us at this time.  We'll just have to be okay with knowing that it might not be the perfect answer, but it is our answer for right now.  It will have to work, because I am tired.  I am done.

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Kati Smith said...


Found your blog through my blog's analytics & notice you gave me a link shout out on your blog. So kind of you, and I'm happy to know you, new blog friend!

This is the first post I've read of yours, but I just want to tell you quite simply, TAKE HEART, sweet sister! Going to a church is tough, sure, but BEING THE CHURCH is a whole different thing. Until you find a church building, a place of worship to call home, that place to serve, to build community--all which I believe you WILL find--until then, BE the church. To your family (4 boys, holy cow!) and to your neighbors...and keep writing for us blog friends!

Prayers for this journey. Can't wait to read more!