Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brought to you by the letter W

Today's mess is brought to you by the letter W.
...When I asked The Wild Hair why this happened, he said, "I'm never allowed to hold eggs, and I just wanted to hold one."  Well he did, and it didn't work out too well! 
{Please note: I was in the shower when this happened.  Take special notice of the self-clean-up job he did with the paper towel.}
Gotta love him, though!

Other Wild Hair-isms...
Wild Hair: "Mom, when are we going back to the Flipper Store?"
Me:  "What are you talking about?"
Wild Hair: "You know the place where we do handstands and flips!"
{We went to a birthday party at a local gymnasium...aka The Flipper Store!}

Wild Hair:  "Mama, I'm still not going to college."
The Committee: "All Curlee boys will go away to college."
Wild Hair: amongst sobs..."NO!!!!!"

After watching the new Alice in Wonderland several times...
Wild Hair:  "Off with your face!"

Wild Hair to my mom: "Caki, can we talk about feebers?"
My mom: "Feebers? What are feebers?"
Wild Hair: "You know they live in the woods."
My mom: "Do you mean beavers?"
Wild Hair: "Yes, Feebers.  When will they die?"
(He's on a mortality kick.)

Wild Hair to The Committee: "Daddy, can we talk about brains?"
The Committee: "Sure, what do you want to talk about?"
Wild Hairs: "Do cowboys have brains?"

And from the Straight Hair...
Me:...Wandering out of my bedroom into the den one early morning...
     "Morning, Bear."
Straight Hair: the most Eeore type voice you can muster..."Mom, do they
call it your birfday because that was the day you were birfed?"
Me:  "They sure do, buddy."

After watching The Wizard of Oz several times...
Me:  "Daddy is going to Kansas next week again."
Straight Hair:  "Eww, Mommy.  Is it only grey in Kansas?"

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Shannon said...

I love those Curlee boys! I was thinking of doing some Miles-isms and Britton-isms myself - these are too funny! Keep 'em coming ladybug!