Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Morning, Kirk and friends!

What a great day today is!!  To me, today is the first day of fall!  You see, I'm waking up to see Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN's College Gameday this morning. 

When I first met The Committee, I had no idea that Gameday was a show, much less a ritual for this man.  Every Saturday morning in NCAA football season, from the first football season we were married, we've watched Gameday.  It was playing in the background as we vacuumed to get our first apartment ready to have friends come over and watch the UT/Florida game in 1998.  We sat on the couch to watch the latest football news in our very first home while we watched our new puppy play outside.  On the day the Straight Hair was born, we were coming out of surgery and into our hospital room just in time to catch Gameday and watch the UT/Georgia game.  We now watch it with our older boys and talk about the day's big games as they try to weasel away to go jump on the trampoline. 

It is a sign to me that cooler weather, changing leaves, two Curlee boys' birthdays, and cold beverages are in our future.  It feels good to know this each year.  It is a time that I can mark the changes in my family.  It makes me feel comfortable and content.  It feels great to sit by my husband and watch his favorite thing...UT VOLS football.  It puts the balance back into our life after a crazy summer filled with tons of activities. 

Bring it on Gameday!  We're ready for you and your posterboy, Kirk!!

One a side note, Neyland Stadium has recently undergone some renovations.  So proud of them and had to share...V-O-L-S...Go, VOLS, go!

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