Friday, September 17, 2010

How the Heart Swells!

Okay.  So, I've told you how he scares all of us.  The Wild Hair.  He runs our house and tells us all what to do.  None of us really ever wants to take him on.  He is scary and sweet all rolled into one, though. 

The other day, he told my mother that his mama and daddy were going to hell.  Yesterday, he told the Straight Hair he was fired.  From what?  I have not a single idea!!  Today, he very loudly declared he was NOT going to college!

He unfortunately/fortunately is told way too much by his older brothers.  He knows more than he should about this precious world around him.  He can name all of the Power Rangers, yet also loves to curl up at the foot of my bed in a soft blanket and watch Calliou.  He wants to play flag-football like "his boys", but wouldn't dare consider going to bed without his soft, lovable pet, Lambie. 
He's just not sure where he fits into this world of his. 

His older brothers had convinced him that he was going to have to go away to college for four years and never see his mama.  He was crestfallen.  He obsessed over it.  Then, he declared to The Committee,
"I'm not going to college!  I'm not leaving my mama!" 

He scares me...yet, he owns my heart with words like these.  My heart swells with emotion when I see how clearly he loves us.  Oh, how I wish we all could love this emotionally and openly to everyone around us.  I wish my heart could swell over and over again each day with raw love! 
What a world that would be!

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