Monday, August 16, 2010

A Borrowed Word

Poem has been borrowed from:

I want to be a daisy
unassuming, humble,

Willing to share my joyful face
wherever I am found.
In a prairie of grass
And alone,

I will tilt my face
toward the Son.
Bordered by peonies showy dresses
or the scandalous red of poppies

I’ll not be intimidated.
I won’t droop in the rain.

I will stand tall
And outlast them all.
I will pretend nothing.
I will smile

And be content to be me:
A bloom,
A delight to my Maker.
I want to be a daisy.
Washed pure white
With a heart of gold.

Oh, how these words spoke to me one late night.  I was worn down.  I had spent days getting ready for a yearly vacation that my family takes to go to a family reunion.  This week-long sabbatical promises to be hot, labor-intensive, and cherished by my boys for an entire year because of the freedom they have to run and play.  I knew the prize in the end would be worth the effort once we arrived at our destination.  But, getting our 6 family members ready for a week away had taken a toll on me.  Then, sometime after midnight,  I came across this poem and my mind was taken to a new place, a place of peace and sincere serenity.  It is amazing how simple words can sooth my soul.  Although I enjoyed reading the words, can I believe that they are true?

We can say these words - I will smile ~ And be content to be me - all we want, but will they always be precise?  Insecurities seem to work their way into our thoughts like fine wrinkles.  Everywhere I go and everything I do, seems to touch upon some insecurity within me.  However, I feel as though I am a confident person.  How can these two personas exist within one body? 

My personal philosophy on why I am here: we have been placed on this Earth to connect on an emotional level with everyone that crosses our path offering support any way that we can.  It seems to me (from my sociology courses in college) that this has been called people-sensitivity.  However, in the midst of being sensitive to the people around, I can't always stand tall like the daisy.  What are we afraid of?  Why can't I just get out there and not worry about being turned away?  Can I shut down the worrisome part of my mind and just follow my heart for a second? 

When I see these words, -  Bordered by peonies showy dresses, or the scandalous red of poppies.  I’ll not be intimidated.  I won’t droop in the rain - I think of those times when I meet others that I deem more beautiful than me on the surface or more adept at running her life.  You and I both know these women in showy dresses of scandalous red.  Oh, that blasted daisy.  How does she do it?  Can we stand tall like the her?  Not be intimidated?  Or, do we droop in the rain?

I do not stand erect with pride at all times.  I droop my shoulders on some days, because I am far from the super-model or the super-moms that I know.  Then, I remember...Samuel 16:7 - "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."  He is looking at my heart.  This will be my new mantra.  It is my heart that sings with pride in the simple gifts that I can offer to those around me. It is my heart that that will continue to guide me in all that I do.  Can I lay down my insecurities knowing that I have gifts to offer to others in my own way?  These gifts are pleasing to my Maker and that will be my catalyst.

I'm taking a step this day to get out of my comfort zone and step out of my box.  I'll lay down my insecurities at once.  Can you do this too?  As a song from my childhood says, it only takes a spark to get a fire going.  I will reach out a hand not dwelling on the idea that my hand may be pushed back.  For, what do I have to lose? 

If, I, in fact, want to be more Christ-like and people-sensitive, then I must make the effort to share all the goodness I have without expecting anything in return.  I know that I am loved by Him and that is all that will matter to me this day! So, today, I will smile and be content to be me!

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Traci said...

Amen sista! We all have our insecurities we worry about when the only one we should worry about pleasing is God. Maybe if we all were better encouragers to one another we could then stand tall in the rain.