Friday, August 20, 2010

The Old Days

With fall weather approaching and SEC football stadiums starting to fill soon, I long for the days of college.  I can easily glory daze with the best of them!  My days at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville hold so many great memories for me. 

It was on the streets of UT that I walked with new friends to class in the late August heat of 1994.  Little did I know, that these friends would turn into sorority sisters and then life-long friends.  I find that I have always had a hard time making any decisions without the input of these 8-9 friends.  They are my soft place to fall when times get tough.

I was with these same precious women (young ladies at the time) when I met my husband one late wintry night in a fraternity house on campus.  I've never been one to believe in love at first sight, but something definitely struck me when we met.  I did not know this precious soul, but many of my girlfriends were able to give me any background information that I might need.  And, you can certainly assume that they were pressed for anything and everything they knew about The Committee! 

I then went on a big spring break blowout to the Bahamas with these same women, only to find out that The Committee was there too.  And so it all began...a love affair for the ages...not really, but we did have some great times together!

You see, it is difficult for me to separate memories of college from my girlfriends and my husband.  I don't think I would change it one bit.  I know that it might seem as though I am stuck in time, but there really isn't anywhere else that I would rather be trapped.  For, all of these people are the first to mock me yet be my cheerleaders, laugh with me while also laughing at me, and never leave me without a word of love or hug. 

How can you want more in your life?  These are not my only friends.  I have readily been able to make more and keep others from my childhood close to my heart.  But, these are the friends for life.  And it all started back in the days of UT.  Oh, how I could glory daze with them right now!

So, as we creep into fall, I think back to where it all began and then thank God for my richest blessings...the beautiful people He has placed in my life.  I think of...Sirach 6:14-15 "A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure.  Faithful friends are beyond price: No amount can balance their worth."  I know these words to be true in my heart.  I forever cherish these wonderful women and the memories we made...also the people (mainly the man) they brought into my life!


Heather said...

So I'm sitting here drinking my coffee with tears running down my face. Tears of happiness I might add. Love you Mo and so lucky to have such a strong circle of friends

Traci said...

We are all so lucky aren't we! You are right the UT years are the years most of it all comes back to for me as well. Who cares if we are stuck in time! It was the greatest time and has brought so much joy to each of our lives!I would go back and do it all over exactly the same. Love you girls!