Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Come on out and face the world...

The sweet Tiniest Hair has started to roll...and roll, and roll, and roll some more.  He's not sure where he is going, how he got there, or even how to get out of the spots he gets himself into.  Oh, how sweet it is to see him discover new things. 

At least once a day, he gets himself rolling across our bedroom floor, and he finds himself underneath our bed.  He gets madder than a wet hornet when this happens.  He's not sure how he got there and he really isn't sure how to get out.  He just seems stuck like a stick in the mud!

Don't we all have days like this?  We end up somewhere we weren't supposed to be, and we don't have any idea how to get out.  Maybe it was a poor choice of our own.  Or, perhaps we were coerced or pushed into this new environment.  It seems as if the world has stopped turning on the axis, and it might not ever get going again.

What do we do?  How do we handle our jumble of emotions?  Do we look the problem head on or do we dive under that bed to hide for the rest of the day?  Do you stew about how to get out? 

I can say that I am a bed-diver most of the time.  I'm somewhat nonchalant about solving problems and start most days praying that I don't get stuck in any that day. 

What if I was able to sacrifice all of my worries and trust that all will be right?  What if someone is taking care of me by His plan, and I'm trying to reroute the plan to meet my needs? 

I plan to have faith that this is the way of the world.  This is the way of my world.  I plan to come out from under that bed one inch at a time.  I want to find my way to make things right and face the new day.  I want to watch the sun rise knowing that my trust lies in Him.  I can be taught to walk in this path, and have faith that He will pull me out from underneath that dark bed and set me in a world filled with bright light and warms days.  Just like the Tiniest Hair, my tears will dry as soon as my path is set right.  I will rely on His word and trust in His way.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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