Friday, October 8, 2010

Last Day the Straight Hair is a Nickel

Tomorrow the Straight Hair turns 6!

A day in his life...

  • Lunch eating mac-n-cheese and bottomless ice cream cones with one aunt, one set of grandparents, and our family...$28
  • Picking out a new ninja + sword Halloween costume...$25
  • Going into PetSmart to get a new Betta fish, fish bowl, and fish food...$18
  • Stopping by his grandmother's house for a quick
  • Wandering through the kitchen tonight saying to the Committee and me, "Today was a really fun day!"...PRICELESS
As they say in the hokey-pokey, "And that's what it is all about!"  Well, that comment from the Straight Hair is certainly what my life is all about. 

The past two weeks have been fall break for the Curlee Hairs.  We had hoped to go to the beach with the boys for the first time, but we just couldn't rustle up enough spare change to make it work. So, we had a "stay"cation here in town.  

You see, I would like to give my family the moon on a silver platter every day if I could, but sometimes we have to just be content with being a happy family without big plans.  I tell the boys all the time that families of six don't always get to take big trips.  As much as I would love to hop in the car or a plane and go to fabulous destinations, we just don't have the funds at the end of the month.


So, I am bound and determined to have the boys enjoy time with one another here at home and around town.  We have had a great time.  I want to instill in them contentment to just be themselves while loving their God, family, and friends.  If that's how we live everyday, then everything else will fall into place!

Today, was one of those days.  We had planned to just go with the flow and venture down toward Murfreesboro around lunchtime.  We were looking for a birthday present that was not muy dinero, but would have some staying power.  So, we decided to expand our family by one for the Straight Hair.  We are now the proud owners of Jake, the Betta Fish.  He's a pretty awesome little guy...just what we need...low maintenance and a guaranteed long life (PetSmart will take him back if he doesn't live 3 months).  Perfect!  The Wild Hair has already proclaimed, "I love Jason the fish!"  Clearly, he did not get the memo that the fish's name is Jake.  But, oh well!! 

So, the last day in year five for the Straight Hair was a good one.  That's enough for me.  I think when I lay my head down on the pillow tonight, I can rest easy knowing we all lived above the line today.  Not half bad for a family of nine (two parents, 4 wild boys, 2 old, cozy dogs and one bright, new fish), not bad at all!

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