Monday, October 4, 2010

The Reluctant Entertainer

So, I've been reading this new book, The Reluctant Entertainer ~ Every Woman's Guide to Simple and Gracious Hospitality.  When we lived in Memphis, I never really was one for having people over to our house.  It seemed too hard.  I was happier to get out and go somewhere else to meet up with friends. 

But, since moving to middle Tennessee, I have really enjoyed having people over to our home.  I guess having four kids has definitely put a squeeze on our wallet and there doesn't seem to be any cash left over at the end of each month to pay for a sitter.  So, we swing open the doors, tell friends to bring their whole family so they won't have to pay a sitter either, dish out duties to one another, and enjoy one another's company.

It is so healthy for the soul of our family.  My kids love it!  I love it!  The Committee is growing to love it...he's somewhat reticent by nature!  The Wild Hair will ask about when we are having another yard party.  One-of-a-Kind loves to show people around our house...even my bathroom!  The Straight Hair plans the entertainment...usually fireworks or something involving fire.

I'm not sure why I have changed my ways, but I have noticed how much happier it makes me.  Growing up, there were always people (young and old) coming in and out of our doors.  My parents both liked to have people over for a cocktail or dinner.  It was always a time of happiness for all of us.

So what’s the big deal about inviting people into our homes? Why does it even matter?

This is what I think...We were put on this Earth to connect with one another.  Our souls ache to unite with another's.  The focus is not on a perfectly set table or a meal that resembles something from a chic L.A. hot spot, but the wonderful individuals that have gathered around our home.  For some, it’s a new way of thinking. To me, I love experiencing the joy that comes from melding our lives with others.  To find this connection over a lazy evening in my backyard, is true contentment for me.

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have."


Kit'sCat said...

Nice sentiments. Had people over for the first time in years the other night. It's just fear that keeps me from entertaining, that my house isnt clean enough, big enough, the food not prepared well (even tho' I am a good cook!) - just fear. But now that we've done it once - time to try it again - and- it's a good excuse to clean the house really good! - but the best - yes- is the human connection and conversation.

Traci said...

I agree! I love to hang out with other families and their kids! My hang up is I can't stand the mess that is left for me to clean up in their rooms after it is over!! It makes me nuts. When the weather gets warmer and the kids can be outside I do much better with the entertaining.